Salute To Farmers

by: Stephen Bishop
Cleveland County Soil & Water Conservation District

We are stewards of red clay and rolling hills overshadowed by the South Mountains and King’s Pin-nacle. We are keepers of the soil, the lifeblood of generations to come. We are descendants of men and women whose hands were made tough by cotton bolls and whose determination was tested by the weevil. We are descendants of those who rose early to milk a whole herd, doing a full day’s work before daylight.

We are the lone man on the tractor and the shadow in the combine seat. We are the young face at the farmer’s market, sacrificing Saturday to sell produce for spending money. We are the unseen woman in the poultry house, tending a flock of thousands. We are the blackberry pickers whose fingers are stained red with blood or blackberries, or both.

We are country folk who raise cows and cut hay as a way of life, who can weld, fabricate, and fix machinery with some baling twine, duct tape, and a bit of ingenuity. We are inspectors of rain gauges and clouds, corn and cattle prices, who pray for rain and dare not complain when too much falls and holds
up the grain harvest. Thus we are steady as the seasons, knowing all weathers turn with time, and patient knowing a seed needs time to sprout and wheat needs time to dry.

Like our ancestors, we are protectors of land and providers of food for our families and community. We are testaments to the value of hard, honest work. We are the 2% who feel the world. We are the farmers of Cleveland County.

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Salute To Farmers

The 2017 Cleveland County Fair is dedicated to our local farmers, a vital part of all our lives.

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